The first episode of "Players" has been completely filmed and is currently being edited. It has been stated by series creator Andrew T.S. Bedgood that he would like to do a total of seven episodes for the "first series" of "Players." It has been confirmed that at least two of the scripts for the planned seven episodes have been completed. The following is a brief outline of the planned episodes according to Andrew T.S. Bedgood.

"Players" Episode Guide
Episode Synopsis Release Date 101: Auditions Carl Weyland introduces viewers to Bay College's drama program as a new director steps in to take over the drama department. Determined to do a production of William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, this young director doesn't realize she may have bitten off more than she can chew TBA
102: Callbacks After an eventful turnout at auditions, Emily braces herself for what to expect at callbacks. TBA
103: Readthrough TBA
104: Rehearsals TBA
105: Dress Rehearsal TBA
106: Opening Night TBA
107: Curtain Call TBA