Life With Brother was the first web series Andrew T.S. Bedgood was involved with. Bedgood co-created the series with longtime friend Casey Te Beest who served as a collaborator and frequent co-writer as well as co-starred in the series.

Life With Brother debuted online on December 20, 2006 and there have been (as of June 28, 2012) a total of eleven episodes with the twelfth and final episode currently in post-production--it is scheduled for release in August, 2012. The feature-length film, Life With Brother: The Series Finale, was divided into multiple parts as episodes and makes up Episodes VI-XII.

All of the Life With Brother videos combined have gained over 600 views with a vocal fanbase of at least 3 individuals.


Originally conceived as a feature-length dark comedy film, Life With Brother was planned to follow three brothers who are vastly different but set aside their differences in anticipation of an inevitable tragedy. This idea was scrapped due to the inability to find an actor willing to portray the oldest brother, so the creative duo, now referring to themselves as Patriot Studio, did some dramatic rewriting and restructured their idea to be more of an oddball comedy series--abandoning the idea of a film altogether.

The initial outline for the new LWB series had the brothers competing for the affection of a young woman. Billy, the older brother, thought of himself as a "chick magnet" and constantly tried to get this young woman to fall for him. This woman, however, favored Joe, the younger brother who was naive and a bit "simple," thus creating conflict between the brothers and, presumably, leading to zany antics. However, the woman who had agreed to portray this character was unimpressed with the script for the first episode, referring to it as "crap," and backed out of the projet. Patriot Studio was initially disappointed with this lack of commitment but later decided her abandonment of the project was for the better. Her character was replaced with a donut--which, ultimately, laid the foundationfor future episodes.

The first episode of Life With Brother was uploaded to YouTube on December 20, 2006 and, after a staggering 188 views, it became apparent to Patriot Studio that more episodes must be made. From 2006-2010, Patriot Studio would produce five episodes of LWB, each more ambitious than the last. To commemorate the 5-year anniversary of the show, Patriot Studio released a remastered update of the first episode, which would gain another 82 views (bringing the total views for Episode I up to an impressive 270); the remastered Episode I contained the first trailer for Life With Brother: The Series Finale, a feature-length film currently in post-production that has been divided into additional episodes--a DVD release is rumored to be in 2013. There are currently 11 episodes of LWB (with Episode VI being the first part of The Series Finale) which, combined, have gained over 600 views.